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    Digital Electronic/ Avionics

    Checkout some of our digital electronic / Avionic Services Listed below

    Thermal Design

    PCB Level Thermal Design Assessment Steady State and Transient Thermal Analysis Modes of Heat Transfer Thermal Control Management Natural Vs Forced Convection

    Structural Assessment - Dynamic Assessment

    Multiphysics Analysis Structural Analysis Crash Safety Analysis Dynamic Analysis: Shock, Harmonic & Random Steinberg Assessment RAT Vibration

    Reliability and Life

    MTBF Life Estimation Failure Mode Effect Analysis Plate Through Holes Fatigue Thermo-mechanical Solder Joint Vibration Fatigue – Random Fatigue

    Locomotive/ Rolling Stock

    Checkout some of our Locomotive / Rolling Stock Services Listed below




    Wheel & Axle



    Airborne ATR

    Concept Engineering

    Detail Engineering

    Engineering Analysis