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Qualy5 maintains websites We keep them up to date. We also ensure that it meets all the expectations.

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    What is website maintenance? How is it different from maintenance?

    The difference between web development and website maintenance is that web development is the process of designing and building your site. In contrast, website maintenance is the process of troubleshooting and developing your site on an ongoing basis to ensure it achieves and functions at its maximum potential.

    It also takes care of regular security updates to prevent it from getting hacked.

    What is included with website maintenance?

    Given the fact that websites are created utilizing a range of tools and technologies, it is difficult to provide a definite response. 


    The examination and resolution of any problems found on the site are the responsibility of our debugging and error-fixing team (for example, a contact form not working or a page of content being mis-styled).


    Changes to the website (excluding content): The implementation of new page layouts, updating page style, and installing and updating site functionality are included.

    What is the necessity for website maintenance?

    While your website may be the source of the bulk of your revenue, you should be able to assemble a team of specialists like Qualy5 that are specifically suited to your company’s needs. The inability of most brands to maintain focus results in a buildup of site problems. This leads to loss of business and reputation.