Staffing Services And Staff Augmentation

Qualy5 finds, recommends, and hires the most qualified candidates for each position based on the client’s particular needs.

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    We provide services to both worldwide and local companies of all sizes, and we are involved in a broad range of industry sectors. Everything from team-building exercises to onsite replacements is available via us
    We can offer quick, adaptable, and dependable answers to their problems because of our large pool of skilled applicants. As a full-service human resources supplier, we provide a broad range of services, ranging from basic staffing to master-vendor solutions with an on-site presence.


    Our network of Executive Search recruiters searches locally and across borders to find the most qualified candidates for executive and leadership roles in the corporate and public sectors.

    Placement on a temporary basis

    Whatever your goals are, Qualy5 can provide you with the exact amount of personnel you need to complete them.

    Placement on a long-term basis

    Find the perfect people to help you develop your company. When it comes to any company, people are the most important asset.

    White-Collar Permanent Placement

    specialist recruitment teams, concentrate on projects ranging from entry-level to mid-level management positions in a range of sectors,

    Blue-Collar Permanent Placement

    Whether you need a trained electrician for six months, a whole crew for a two-week closure, or a permanent diesel-fitter, we have what you require.

    Recruitment on a global scale

    Increase the value of your company by extending the reach of your skills beyond national boundaries. We are dedicated to sourcing the most qualified individuals for every project, no matter how big or little it may be. The willingness to go beyond national borders to identify and work with individuals who are willing and can meet the requirements of our customers is something we are prepared to do.