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    Qualy5 Business Solutions brings you a robust application QBS-Care to help you manage your business operations in Home Care/Aged Care and NDIS Services.

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    Covers Entire Care Management Life Cycle

    Aged Care/Home Care and NDIS services, it covers all.

    Real Time Tracking & Monitoring

    Track information and recieve real time updates.

    Easy & Quick Processing with Reports

    Standard reports for quick processing of your clients request.

    100% Mobile Responsive

    Work from anywhere, access it from any mobile device.

    About QBS Care

    QBS-Care is a result of thorough research and understanding the requirements of service providers in this specific domain, it is an integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of your business operations including administrative, finance and the corresponding service processing, it integrates entire resources of your business into one integrated software application.

    End to End solution is all what you need to focus on providing superior service and manage care plans of your clients in a more effective way.

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    Benefits by QBS Care

    Forget about spending on various applications for managing your CRM, HRM, Rostering, Scheduling, Inventory and Compliance, we offer all this on a single platform to suit your business needs and reduce your dollar spending for running your business in the most efficient and economic way.

    User Management

    Manage User Accounts and User Access Control based on their roles.

    Client Management

    Manage Clients, Budget, Care and Service Schedule and much more.


    Provide Disability Services and Create Bulk Reports for claims as per NDIS standards.

    Staff Management

    Staff Details, Rostering, Staff BGC/BGV, Compliance, Leave Management.

    Online File Management

    Online File Management System helps you manage all your records online.


    e-mail notifications for various and time based tasks.


    Maintain Inventory, Quality, Reports.

    Time Sheets

    Generate accurate Time Sheets, Payslips.