Acquire a List of Emails for Tech-Savvy Market Dominators

Acquire a Targeted List of Technology Users for Your Marketing Efforts with Span Global Services. Reach Out to Companies that Use Technology to Streamline Their Operations. Enhance Your B2B Sales with Our Verified Email List. Connect with Key Decision Makers in Various Industries and Boost Your Marketing Outcome.

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    Benefits of Utilizing the Verified Technology User Email Database

    Maximize Your Marketing Opportunities in the Thriving Technology Industry with Span Global Services. Reach the Right Technology Users for Your Business Growth. Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Accurate and Comprehensive Technology User Database. Target Key Decision Makers in Various Industries including Adobe, FreshBooks, HootSuite, SAP, Sage, Kronos, Cloud Services, AWS, MS Dynamics and More. Boost Your Global Campaigns with Our Authentic B2B Data. Invest Now for Access to Valuable Technology User Contacts Worldwide.

    Targeted Email Marketing

    Precision Marketing to Targeted Consumers through Personalized and Relevant Email Campaigns

    Effective Email Outreach

    Maximize email reach and improve delivery rate to connect with receptive decision makers

    Optimizing Email Lists

    Optimize email results by using authentic and credible lists to target the right audience.

    Mass Email Validation

    Monthly validation of over 30 million emails guarantees accuracy of our email communication.

    Regular Data Refresh

    1.8 Million Calls for Up-to-Date Decision-Maker Data. 45-Day Refresh for Each Record.


    As part of the data validation process, our experts make over 1.8 million calls to various decision-makers.

    Step 1

    Your data is securely guarded

    We obtain a database of emails that have been voluntarily provided to ensure high deliverability rates.

    Step 2

    We investigate your key clients

    Our internal research group supplies missing data. We enhance campaigns with added intelligence fields.

    Step 3

    Thorough validation procedure

    Our contact center staff validate email leads and gather info through surveys and paper downloads.

    Step 4

    Discovery of email blind spots

    We create a suppression file with deduplication by combining NCOA, spam blocker and opt-outs.

    Step 5

    Verification of email addresses

    SMTP ping tests using partner tools like BriteVerify, Xverify, ImpressionWise, Freshaddress, DataValidation, and Informatica.

    Step 6

    Conducting email campaigns

    Active email campaigns are carried out with high email deliverability. Opt-outs and bounces are added to our suppression files.

    Step 7

    Automated verification of emails

    Our social and web validation group manually verifies the email database. This validation process results in the addition of social media links to contacts.

    Step 8

    Turn email leads into customers

    We run an email campaign using purchased lists with consent and follow opt-out procedures. Through Third-party direct marketing activities within 48 hours.

    What is the necessity for website maintenance?

    While your website may be the source of the bulk of your revenue, you should be able to assemble a team of specialists like Qualy5 that are specifically suited to your company’s needs. The inability of most brands to maintain focus results in a buildup of site problems. This leads to loss of business and reputation.

    Using our effective and tested email journeys and follow-up strategies leading conversions in a subtle way.

    Well-segmented data enables us to customize content and address the unique problems or needs of each segment.

    We'll demonstrate how to utilize email campaigns to attract customers or steer them towards a new solution or experience.

    Discover what types of blog posts, whitepapers, videos, infographics, and more can be offered to your top email leads.

    Our campaign specialists can advise you on gated content and develop an effective business lead collection tool.

    Find out how you can incentivize lead generation, appeal to the reader's interest and ultimately lead them to a conversion.

    Leading Provider of Verified Technology User Email Lists for a Competitive Edge

    Pioneers in Technology User Email Lists: Drive Your Campaigns with a Competitive Edge. Our Expertise in Compiling Business Data and Commitment to Excellence Delivers Reliable and Responsive Technology User Contacts. Enhance Business Productivity, Implement Cutting-Edge Processes and Stay Ahead of the Competition with Our Verified and Regularly Updated Technology Email List. Customize Segmented Lists for Efficient Niche-Based Marketing and Reduced Campaign Costs.

    Unlock Your Marketing Potential with a Comprehensive Technology User List from Span Global Services. Reach Out to the Leading Brands like Apple, IBM, and Microsoft with Our Validated and Researched Email List. Our Dedicated Team Covers a Wide Range of Business Technologies including MSQL, NetApp, WebEx, BigData, MS Azure and More.